Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Boeven, Burgers en Bekeuringen
BB&B (Villains, Citizens and tickets) is physical theatre about the daily misunderstandings on the street. Ordinary citizens in an ordinary neighbourhood land in absurd situations: What is the difference between meaningful- and meaningless violence? Who is the yellowbelly and where is this chase with wailing sirens going? In the meantime the police try to handle order on the street dealing with pickpockets, minor villains and misunderstandings whilst giving out tickets.
Director Loes Hegger pictures a world in which people are confronted with their own anxieties and disabilities and yet try to survive happily and brave. A hilarious story about the longing for safety and order in these dangerous days.
Direction: Loes Hegger
Players: Arjan Bouw, Itxaso Elosua Ramirez, José Klaase, Shertise Solano
Technic: Tom van Wijngaarden
Set; Jos Groenier
Physical coach: Marjan Wolfseher
Costumes: Atty Kingma
Title: Boeven, Burgers en Bekeuringen
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: Studio production
Year: 2006
Published by: BonteHond