Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Doorbraak

It is 2050, North- and Southpole have been melted down.
The Netherlands being overflowed.
All of the Lowlands?
A tiny piece of land still sticks its nose out above the water.
An empty piece of land?
Two remaining Dutch citizens,
a massive black lady and a tiny, white dike-reeve,
try to survive.
A world of difference on a small piece of land populated by common and hilaric misunderstandings.

Direction: Loes Hegger
Players: Loes Hegger, Monique Hoogmoed
Technic: Tom van Wijngaarden
Physical coach: Marjan Wolfseher
Costumes: Atty Kingma
Set: Jos Groenier
Title: Doorbraak
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: studio production
Year: 2007
Published by: Lucida Stilla Roris