Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Ik kan er zo niet bij
This was the first commission I was payed for. I had a so called no play/no pay deal. That meant that I received 25 guilders (12 euro nowadays) for each performance. Luckily it was performed a lot.
The instruments I used were the Minimoog, a solina string ensemble (which is the same instrument as the ARP string ensemble) and a Ibach grand piano.
Since I had no multitrack possibilities in those days, I recorded the music on a Revox A77-15 inch full track tape recorder using the Sound-on-Sound possibility.

The story
Boy meets girl in a forest, shy, angry, freightened, they fall in love.
They go on a journey in a gigantic bird. Adventures in the sea, a shark, the desert, a sand storm, high upon a mountain, freezing.
Finally they reach the land where everyone does what he/she likes, the kiss hand man, the eager beaver, the laughing lady, everybody, except the creepy little man............

Players: Anandi Teeuw and Frans Malschaert
Text: Anandi Teeuw and Frans Malschaert
Staging: Anandi Teeuw and Frans Malschaert
Title: Ik kan er zo niet bij
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: Studio production
Year: 1979
Published by: Theatre Sirkel-Sittard