Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Nijntje gaat logeren
Nijntje gaat logeren (Miffy goes to stay) was made in close collaboration with the draughtsman Dick Bruna.
The design is based on the unique style of Bruna, in which simple forms, primary colours and a graphic approach are characteristic. The music and the libretto of this opera for children are based on sounds and onomatopoeia of sounds that surround children.

The story
Miffy goes to stay with aunt Poppy Pig, who takes good care of her guest.
But it is too much for Miffy. Everything is so strange, Poppy Pig talks so loudly, and her cakes are just too big. No wonder that Miffy, lying in her bed all alone, feels homesick.
When Miffy discovers that Poppy Pig is not that grown up and brave all the time and that even she sometimes feels sad, Miffy learns to understand her better.

Players/musicians: Karstine Hovingh, Bertien Minco, Joep Dorren, Piet Hein Baelde
Text: Patricia Kuiper
Choreography: Wies Merkx
Staging: Ingrid van Leeuwen
Title: Nijntje gaat logeren
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: soprano, alto, baritone + sampler + accordion
Year: 1990
Published by: Theaterplatform Utrecht