Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Tassen
Tassen (Bags)
Janna and Jozefien are about sixty. They have choosen to live the life of beggars and together with their load of plastic bags they live in the porch of Iwan.
Together with his friend Wanka, Iwan is trying to get them out of there.
Iwan: "What do you want with those filthy bags?"
But "Tassen" is all about the contents of these bags.
In these bags the precious memories of Janna and Jozefien, who have known each other since their childhood, are hidden. They let the boys have a look in these bags, and therefore into their memories.They find themselves back for instance in a ferris wheel at a fair before the war and some minutes later they land in a cinema, where flirting is more important then looking at the western on the screen
When Iwan relives the memories of the beggars, he dares to reveal something of his own past too!

Players: Cecile Heuer, Metta Gramberg, Erik Koningsberger, Onno Roozen.
Text: Arthur Japin
Staging: Aram Adriaanse
Title: Tassen
Composer: Ad wammes
For: Studio production
Year: 1991
Published by: Theaterplatform Utrecht