Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Kippevel
Kippevel (Chicken skin) was my second commission from Theater Sirkel.
The recordings were made in the studio of Frans Bronzwaer in Heerlen.
It was recorded on an 8 channel 1 inch taperecorer of unknown origin.
The instruments I used were almost the same as with "Ik kan er zo niet bij" my earlier work for Theater Sirkel; Minimoog, Solina stringensemble, acoustic piano and........cello
played by Ad van Dongen, who later became the first cellist of "Het Nederlands Ballet Orkest"( The Dutch Ballet Orchestra)
The music of "Kippevel"was also used for "Adem" an adaption of Kippevel for youngsters.

The story
On the set there is a huge white construction
Behind curtains we hear music.
Things can happen everywhere.
Suddenly "Bonk"appears:"I will never do that again, playing, playing with a girl.
Quarrel, quarrel, and for what? For nothing!".
Spriet:"Nothing, you call that nothing?".
At the top of the construction, 14 feet high, stands the grinning man with the top-hat.

Players: Anandi Teeuw, Frans Malschaert
Text: Anandi Teeuw, Frans Malschaert
Staging: Anandi Teeuw, Frans Malschaert
Title: Kippevel
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: Studio production
Year: 1982
Published by: Theater Sirkel-Sittard