Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Blow horn, blow!
Blow horn, blow! was composed at the request of Roel Smit and commissioned by "Nieuwe muziek in Doetinchem".
This piece is mainly written in 14/8 time and clearly has a popmusic-style atmosphere.
Organ and brass quintet constantly complete each other in rhythmical and melodical senses and in fact form one huge wind instrument.
After a choral-like interlude we come to the first part in which the melodic material mainly exists of so-called "riffs". After a quieter middle part with a jazzy/bluesy feeling we come back with the same energy as in the first part. The choral-like melody from the interlude being placed on top of it in the end.

The première took place on february the 12th 2006 in the Catharinakerk in Doetinchem.
Musicians were Roel Smit (organ) en Het Zwols Koper Ensemble:
Leo Harmsen-trumpet
Willem Kerssies-trumpet
Truus Litjens- French Horn
Martin Oosterwijk-Trombone
Hans Oosterwijk-Bass trombone
Title: Blow horn, blow!
Duration: 10min 30sec
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: Organ and brass quintet
Year: 2005
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Price: 28,00
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