Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Faith
Faith was composed at the request of the duo Paulsson & Canning from Sweden
and funded by the Performing Arts Fund NL

The première took place on 22 october 2010 in The Lutherse kerk-Groningen, The Netherlands.
The four parts of Faith form my personal plead for tolerance and understanding between the various different religious groups there are on this world.

Though this piece is intentionally written for soprano saxophone and organ, the soprano saxophone part can also be played by oboe. Together with the score the oboe part is delivered as well.

In the music preview you can hear part 3 “Reconciliation” played by Anders Paulsson on soprano saxophone and Andrew Canning on organ. The recording was made on the 26th of februari 2011 in the Kungsholm Kyrka in Stockholm.

On You Tube you can see and hear all 4 parts.
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Title: Faith
Duration: 15 minutes
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: soprano saxophone (or oboe) and organ
Year: 2010
Published by: the composer
Price: 24,00
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