Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Fiducie
Fiducie was commissioned by Reverend Rik Radstake in order to offer it to the Protestant congregation in Rotterdam Schiebroek on the occasion of his 40th anniversary of ordination. In a festive service on 26 August, 2018, Iddo van der Giessen performed the work for the first time on the Van Leeuwen/Kramer organ at the Goede Herderkerk.

Fiducie (which can be translated as "Faith") voices the vitality of Rotterdam, as, for example, witnessed in the recovered hope of the inhabitans after the bombardment of 14 May, 1940. The first theme of the composition (A1) illustrates the initial hesistance in the recovery. It is followed by a B-section in which one can hear new confidence, although it is yet brief. The first theme comes back with already more hope and faith (A2), after which the B-part returns unchanged. One hears section A for a third time (A3), but with much more conviction. Then B returns once more, after which a glorious re-entry of self-confidence in C concludes the piece. Schematically it is as follows: A1-B-A2-B-A3-B-C.

Fiducie has already been recorded and is one of the pieces on the CD "Wachet Auf!"
On 1 December 2018 organist Iddo van der Giessen and trombone player Joram van Ketel presented their CD during a concert at the Goede Herderkerk Rotterdam/Schiebroek. When you want to order the CD, follow this link:
Title: Fiducie
Duration: 4min.45 sec.
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: organ
Year: 2018
Published by: the composer
Price: 10,85
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