Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Galleons of Passion
The galleons of passion how gentle they glide
across oceans of flatness to the strand of delight.
Nights are less chilly and days spent in cheer
and sounds of togetherness flatter mans ears.
There strive is the cause and creation effect,
with love as the motive as living itself
Joop van Nimwegen

1.Unspoken is the word (J. van Nimwegen) [7:52]
2.Remembering the future (J. van Nimwegen, P. Vink) [4:22]
3.As one (A. Wammes) [4:44]
4.With love as the motive (J. van Nimwegen) [9:15]
5.Reconciling (J. van Nimwegen) [8:29]

Ad Wammes: Keyboards and Flute.
Hans Bosboom: Drums.
Joop van Nimwegen: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Cabasa
Peter Vink: Bass and Cowbell.

Sandy Roberton: Producer
Jay Denson: Engineer
Ralph van der Waart van Gullik: Executive producer
Recorded at Soundpush Studios, Blaricum, Holland, 1977.
Sleeve design by Grant Smith

LP Bubble Records 25690XOT (1977)
LP Rockburgh PDLP 101 (UK release) (1977)
CD Pseudonym CDP-1019-DD (1994)
CD King Records KICP-2812 (Japanese release) (1995
Title: Galleons of Passion
Composer: Joop van Nimwegen/Ad Wammes/Peter Vink
For: Symfonic rockgroup Finck
Year: 1977
Published by: Bubble records