Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Happiness
Happiness was composed for the Dutch organist Willeke Smits upon the occasion of her 40th birthday.
The composition was commissioned by her husband Harry den Hertog and inspired by the possiblities of
the Ruprecht organ in the Utrecht Tuindorpkerk.

Summary: Happiness has an unequally divided ostinato rhythm in pedals and left hand and a strongly syncopated melody in the right hand, most of the time over a 3/4 beat. Therefore I have added the subtitle: This is not a waltz!

The music preview on this page is the complete version of a midi demo recording.

The real organ version can be heard (in a shortened form) on the discography page of this website.
The CD (with the same name) can be ordered at
Costs are: 17,50 + shipping costs

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Title: Happiness
Duration: 4min.10 sec.
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: Organ
Year: 2015
Published by: de componist
Price: 10,85
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