Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Nadiya
Frans Haagen and Frederieke de Winter
Photo: Freddy Schinkel

Nadiya was composed on request by Frans Haagen (carillonneur of the city of Kampen, Almelo and Rijssen) and commissioned by the ‘Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst’.
Like my other composition for this combination, I had the problem of lack of space. “Where do I set up the percussion instruments?, there is so little space in the tower”. As in ‘Tempo di mare’ I found the solution in using touch sensitive pads and sampled percussion sounds.

Nadiya (Indian for river) follows the course of a river. In the beginning we hear the source (high up in the mountains), then the river which, after a long way, eventually ends into the sea.
The structure of Nadiya is led by the way tempo is handled in Indian music.
Typical of this is that one starts in a slow tempo, which is then doubled after a certain time. Then this doubled tempo is doubled again. (so now it’s four times the original tempo) After this quadrupling we end in the slow tempo of the beginning.
Musically I translated this into an impressionistic beginning (the source) after which a well-known tabla pattern called ‘Kayeda’ marks the beginning of the river. The accelerations can be heard as rapids, caused by a change of watercourse or the coming together of different streams, which eventually - with the return of the first tempo - form the grand river.
In the calm undulation of the last part the river comes to rest into the never ending sea.
The tuning of the percussion instruments on the CD can be adjusted to the tuning of every carillon. In this case a new mix has to be made which leads to a significantly higher cost. Are you interested nevertheless? Please contact me.

The price of the score includes the CD.

Here you can hear and see Frans Haagen playing Nadiya:

Title: Nadiya
Duration: 9min.40sec.
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: Carillon + sampled percussion
Year: 2001
Published by: The composer
Price: 35,00
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