Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Octet
In those days (1982) John Floore was trumpet teacher at Rotterdam Conservatory. He had the intention of forming an ensemble of 8 trumpeters. In his search for material he asked the compositon students to create a new piece. As things sometimes go, the piece had a mangled first performance (two trumpeters were absent) and the group died an early death.
So in fact the work has yet to have itís first performance.

ĎOctetí has only one part, but is divided into different sub-parts: Andantino-Andante resoluto-Andante con moto-Adagio sostenuto-Andante resoluto.
The piece is very difficult to play. Especially the last andante resoluto asks a lot from the individual players, as well as the ensemble playing.

* Only a copy of the manuscript is available yet. Score is in progress.

There is no audio recording.

Title: Octet
Duration: 5'30
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: 6 trumpets + 2 basstrumpets
Year: 1982
Published by: Manuscript
Price: 18,30
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