Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Peaceful waves
From left to right: Craig Cramer, Ad Wammes, Justin Berg

Peaceful waves was commissoned by the Catholic Diocese of Ningbo-China, in order to celebrate the gift of an historic organ, built in 1908 by the Hinners Organ Company U.S.A. and given to them by the city of Portsmouth.

The organ was rebuilt and restored by Hal Gober and his assistant Hannah Loeffler.

The piece exists in two versions: a longer one primaliry intended for concert performance, and a shorter one for liturgical use.

Peaceful waves (which is in fact a translation of Ningbo!) was premiered by Craig Cramer during the dedication concert on 28 October-2018 at the Cathedral of the Assumption, 116 Yaohang Street, Ningbo-China.

Producer was Justin Berg.

On the music preview you will hear the complete long version played by the German organist Engelbert Schoen on the Walcker organ at the Martinikerk in Doesburg.(The Netherlands)

Here is the link to the long version played by Justin Berg on the Hinners organ now standing in Ningbo:

Title: Peaceful waves
Duration: 8min.25sec.
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: organ
Year: 2018
Published by: the composer
Price: 12,50
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