Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Play easy Chopin
Many piano pupils want to play the well-known master pieces of famous composers like Chopin. Many of them do not have yet, or never will have, the skill to play those pieces.
Simplified versions are therefore a way of making it possible for this large group to play their favorite music.
Alas, mostly the quality of these arrangements are under level. Rhythms are changed, counterparts are being dismissed and even the harmony is not sacred.
When De Haske asked me to make easier versions of 13 master pieces (inpromptus, walzes, mazurkas) by Chopin I saw this as a challenge to show it could be done differently. That means with retain of harmony, rhythmic and key.
You will ask yourself : What is different then?
Well, big jumps (mostly left hand) are being avoided, the ornaments (mostly right hand) are brought back to their most essential notes, wide voicings of chords are changed into narrow-voiced chords and long pieces are being shortened.

What results is a Chopin who sounds slimmer than the original.
Along with the score comes a CD on which you can hear that these versions (brilliantly executed by Sergey Smirnov) remain master pieces.

I wish you a lot of musical pleasure!

Ad Wammes
Title: Play easy Chopin
Composer: Chopin (arranged by Ad Wammes)
For: piano
Year: 2010
Published by: De Haske
Price: 17,88
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