Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Tempo di mare
Carillonneur: Arie Abbenes

In 1993 I was asked by Arie Abbenes (carillonneur of the city of Utrecht, Eindhoven and Asten) to compose a work for carillon and percussion.
Since my music asks for accurate ensemble playing, I wanted the percussionist to be close to the carillonneur. The space in the tower however is usually very limited. There is hardly space for percussion instruments
I found the solution by sampling the percussion sounds and letting them play by means of touch- sensitive percussion pads (in this case the Octapad, manufactured by Roland).
In this way “Tempo di mare” has been performed quite a lot..
Later-on, thanks to a request by Frans Haagen (carillonneur of the city of Kampen, Almelo and Rijssen), I made a CD of the percussion part. In this way the piece can be performed solo with the aid of this CD.

The main theme of “Tempo di mare” is tempo. The work consist of three parts, which transit into each other. In the first part rhythmic shifts causes an acceleration which - after a sudden delay - emerges into the second part which has a calm undulating movement. After a gradually acceleration we come to the virtuoso part three which ends with the calming sounds of the sea (Mare).

The tuning of the percussion instruments on the CD can be adjusted to the tuning of every carillon.. In this case a new mix has to be made. For this: Consult the composer!

The price of the score includes the CD

Here you can watch and hear Joey Brink, while he is practising the first part of Tempo di mare:
Title: Tempo di mare
Duration: 9min.30sec.
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: Carillon + electronic.percussion
Year: 1993
Published by: The composer
Price: 35,00
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