Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: The busy drone
In 1965 Karel Beunis and Alexander Verberne found a big mechanical organ lying abandoned at the Arthur Bursens organ factory in Antwerp. At their suggestion the Busy Bee Publishers in Amsterdam bought the instrument and gave it the fitting name "The busy drone". The organ was moved in 1972 to the Stedelijk Museum, where it is being used for concerts quite frequently.
The repertoire is unique. Besides the music of the dance organ period, classical works have been set for the organ and contemporary composers are encouraged to write especially for the instrument.

1. Willem Breuker - Music for Han Bennink
2. Misha Mengelberg - Mortierement I
3. Louis Andriessen - Choral Vorspiele
4. Willem Breuker - Preparation to voting
5. Gilius van Bergeijk - Voor Dinges, een lied
6. Cor Kee - Balletto del clusterico
7. Nico Schuyt - Carosello magico
8. Guus Janssen - Ritmische etude
9. Rob Goorhuis - Baxofonia secunda
10.Herman Kretschmar - Crown calibrie
11.Hans Muller - Kaleidoscoop
12.N.R. de Vroe - What could ever stop this dance
13.Ad Wammes - TGV
14.Heinrich Taube - Gloriette fúr John Cage
15.Bo van de Graaf - La rubia

What you hear on "Music preview"is not the official recording, but a studioversion I made with the use of soundsamples of The Busy drone. The book for TGV is so badly cut that there are notes missing all the time. Imagine the beginning of the Fifth of Beethoven with the fourth note missing!
I would not have allowed them to use this recording if I had known of this production.

Besides TGV I made another work for The Busy Drone, named "Willem van Buuren".
Our crown prince used this name to skate the famous "Elfstedentocht" incognito.
In my case "Willem van Buuren" is our national anthem "Wilhelmus van Nassouwe", but then "incognito".(and thanks to the lousy cutting also mutilated)

Title: The busy drone
Composer: a.o. Ad Wammes
For: Mechanical organ
Year: 1996
Published by: BV Haast