Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Toccata Chromatica
When I heard that Toccata Chromatica (dedicated to Minako Tsukatani) would be premiered in Bonifaciuskerk in Medemblik I decided to makes use of the possibilities and limitation of the Pieter Backer organ .
Possibility ?: In the middle section of this composition I make use of the split keyboard (trumpet 8’only available above C1) by playing patterns which are partly below and partly above C1. Combined with the flute 8’stop ( which is available on the entire keyboard) this gives a charming poppy effect
Limitation? : Pedal ( which has the leading melodic part in the beginning and end by using high pitched stops) not going further then b. Keyboard not going further than D3.

When I heard that Sweelinck married in this church, I decided to base my new composition upon his ‘Fantasia chromatica.
When I was a scholar, I frequently went along with the organ class on their organ excursions .
One of these trips led to ‘De oude kerk’in Amsterdam, where Sweelinck was organist in the years 1234-4321.
For this occasion I performed the ‘Fantasia chromatica’which led to the remark of one of the students, that he could hear that I was using the old fingering.
Not being aware of what he meant, I informed myself: In the old fingering one only uses
The index finger, middle finger and ring finger. This results in a special kind of phrasing.(notes which are connected to each other we hear as a unity)
I decided to give phrasing a very important role in the piece combining phrases of
2 and 3 notes , phrases of 3 and 5 notes and phrases of 5 and 8 notes
I also incorporated the echo technique frequently used by Schweelinck,
the smallest echo being a semi quaver , the biggest echo being two bars.

I have played the Toccata Chromatica here in May and loved it! - JOHN SCOTT

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Title: Toccata Chromatica
Duration: 4 minutes
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: Organ
Year: 2008
Published by: Boosey & Hawkes
Price: 13,11
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