Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Triptych
As a result of a commission by the American composer and organist Carson Cooman, I composed three pieces for chamber organ. In order to make publishing worthwhile for a publisher, I composed another five pieces. The last three of them being composed in memory of John Scott.
All of the pieces are suitable for organs with only one manual, no pedals and only one stop. The range is limited to 4 octaves and 1 step. (C great- D2)
The difficulty is Moderate.
Of course these pieces can also be played on organs with more possibilities!
The complete versions of all the pieces of Triptych can be seen on Youtube. Use "Ad Wammes Triptych" as search word and you will find your way around.

Triptych consists of 8 pieces
1. Les Cloches I
2. Les Cloches II
3. Les Cloches III
4. Joy I
5. Joy II
6. Contemplation I
7. Contemplation II
8. Contemplation III

Here you can hear Les Cloches:

Here you can hear Joy 1:
Here you can hear Joy 2:

Here you can hear the 3 parts of Contemplation:
Title: Triptych
Duration: 16 minutes
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: chamber organ
Year: 2016
Published by: Lorenz
Price: 19,15
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