Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Tristezza
Carillonneur: Frans Haagen

Tristezza was composed at the request of Frans Haagen (carillonneur of Kampen, Almelo en Rijssen).

The structure of Tristezza (A-B-A) is inspired by the funeral march of Frederic Chopin (from piano sonata nr.2 in B flat minor). And……Tristezza is a funeral march indeed. The sad, dark coloured A part is dominated by a slow march rhythm. The psalm-like B part brings in lyrical devotion.

Tristezza can only be played by well-tempered carillons.
The tuning on the CD is: A =440 herz. Does your carillon differ from this and/or is it a transposing instrument? Please contact me, I can help you with a different version at a small extra cost.

Title: Tristezza
Duration: 6'35
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: Carillon + sampled orchestra (on CD)
Year: 2004
Published by: The composer
Price: 27,50
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