Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Vreemde vogels
Vreemde vogels ( Strange birds) is a music project for pupils of the primary school.
This project is produced by Kunstgebouw and is a part of the program "Art in progress".
DVD and CD together with the teachers manual form the lesson material of this project.
The theme is "Sounds of birds". Throughout the ages people are enchanted by the beautiful sounds and melodies of birds and many composers are inspired by it.

The project is focused on the structure of music and how you can make your own music.
You can listen to the works of different composers which are inspired by the sounds of birds. Ad Wammes shows us how he composes.Johan van der Krey shows us the studio of the conservatory of The Hague in which the sounds of the web tool are made. By aid of this web tool the pupils can make their own compositions.


1. Natuurgeluiden in het bos [1:39]
2. Sad bird * [2:35]
3. Caribische specht * [2:42]
4. L Orchestre des oiseaux * [2:51]
5. Het ontwaken van de vogels-fragment ** [3:32]
6. Het ontwaken van de vogels-compleet ** [20:11]
7. De distelvink *** [4:42]

* Ad Wammes
** Olivier Messian
*** Antonio Vivaldi


Ad Wammes
1. Op bezoek bij componist Ad Wammes (visiting composer Ad Wammes)
2. Componeren met vogelgeluiden (composing with sounds of birds)
3. L Orchestre des oiseaux (The orchestra of birds)
4. Caribische specht (Caribian woodpecker)

Johan van Krey
1. Op bezoek bij componist Johan van Krey (visiting composer Johan van Krey)
2. Geluiden voor de webtool ( Sounds of the web tool)
3. Componeren met de geluiden van de webtool ( composing by means of the web tool)

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Title: Vreemde vogels
Composer: Ad Wammes/Olivier Messian/Antonio Vivaldi
For: Studio production
Year: 2006
Published by: Kunstgebouw