Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Wave
While I was working on my composition for organ solo named Wind and Unwind, I was trying out some new ideas to treat harmony. One result, that I really liked, had to be played with two hands. That left only the pedal manual for melody and bass. This would give me too little possibilities. Therefore, and because of the fact that I got many requests for it, I decided to make it a piece for organ duo.
Wave consits of 4 parts, named Part 1 Gentle breeze, Part 2 Row the boat, Part 3 A sunny afternoon on the lake, Part 4 Breeze in gently.
All the parts have a dreamlike character.

When you order Wave, you will get a copy of Vamuss for free. Information about this piece you can read on this website.

And when you hit this button you can hear a wonderful performance of Gentle Breeze by the German organ duo Esprit
Title: Wave
Duration: 12min.30sec.
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: Organ duet
Year: 2017
Published by: the composer
Price: 16
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