Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Zap
For the project ”Windforce 6” (initiated and commissioned by Kunstfactor-Utrecht) I composed this piece for the National Youth Accordion Orchestra conducted by Marc Belder

In ‘ZAP’ I go through different ways of playing the accordion within 6 minutes of time .
Beginning with legato playing in slow tempo and ending with staccato playing at high speed.

In the beginning (LARGO) the melody is being played by the bass accordion while the accompaniment (chords and bass) is being played by the normal accordions, making use of the bass side of the instrument, which is not often used in most orchestras.
In the ANDANTE the lead melody is being played by accordion 2 and 3, accordion 1 plays the counter melody, accordion 4 has a baritone function and the bass plays bass.
In the ADAGIO accordion 3 and 4 play the main melody, accordion 1 still plays the counter melody,, accordion 2 plays broken chords and the bass …..plays bass.
In the end (PRESTO) parts are again divided traditionally. This means that accordion 1 is playing the main melody, accordion 2 the counter melody, the accompaniment is divided between accordion3 and 4 and the bass plays…………...bass.

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Title: Zap
Duration: 6 minutes
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: Accordion orchestra
Year: 2008
Published by: Jetelina